Sunday, July 4, 2010

The Tarot Tributary- A Salute to Astrology...

Hello everyone!

In the upcoming months The Tarot Tributary will be grazing the subject of astrology and Tarot usage. Before Tarot, I found bliss in learning about astrology through very superficial study. Because astrology is still a fundamental part of me, I have been elated to find Tarot decks that depict astrological glyphs on the cards. The first of such cards for me were Mythical Goddess Tarot, and for many of you Aleister Crowley's Thoth deck may have you mystified by its strong usage of astrology and other spiritual systematic orders.

This is why I've decided to spend some time with decks that highlight astrology and an astrologer expert to help teach us!

Michael Symms is someone I met through Noel Tyl's website. Through the generosity of a free reading of my chart, I've come to learn about Michael first and foremost as a very accurate and bright astrologer. Secondly, a person who is really good at keeping confidences. Thirdly, a musician. Fourth, as an Astro fanatic who hails from Austin, Texas. Lastly, as a comforting friend.

Michael is also willing to grace The Tarot Tributary members with some mini readings of individual charts, so be on the lookout for this opportunity (also sign up to be a follower of this site on Blogger). In the meantime, please welcome Michael Symms to The Tarot Tributary.

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