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Astrological Forecast for July by Astrologer Michael Symms

Tarot Tributary “Aries Point Transits in July 2010”

In our Astrology, the Aries Point is the zodiac position of 00Aries00. The Sun’s position at this degree occurs at the moment of the spring equinox. The Aries Point is considered to be extended and applicable to the beginning of each Cardinal sign of the zodiac, each of these 90 degrees apart from the next: The entry of the Sun into Cancer marks the summer solstice, Libra the fall equinox and Capricorn the winter solstice. This is a special series of points in the zodiac, symbolizing (among other things) in natal astrology exceptional public exposure, a “coming forward”.

For most of July 2010, both Saturn and Uranus will be transiting in opposition to one another within partile aspect to the Aries Point. This is a powerful and uncommon combination transit for any horoscope with a planet, luminary, angle or important midpoint located at an Aries Point. I will offer a generalized overview of the type of symbolic energy this conveys to anyone who was born with the Sun at the Aries Point, and some examples of possible manifestations. Of course, this “disclaimer” is appropriate here: each horoscope involves much more than the Sun, and the synthesis of the full horoscope and any concomitant transits, directions and progressions combined with the current specifics of the individual’s life would be necessary for any targeted, informed projections – predictions, if you will. So, this is a generalized overview – not a specific prognostication for those of you currently affected by this transit of Saturn-Uranus to your natal Sun. However, much of this will ring true for many of you in broad terms.

You will most often have the Sun at the Aries Point within <>
March 20 or 21…June 21…September 22 or 23…December 21 or 22.

Saturn represents controls, tradition, authority, the status quo, duty, ambition, nose to the grindstone. In transit, Saturn often brings restriction, challenge, testing, something very serious, even severe - and it’s usually not a fun time. It can also bring health concerns. It’s often something of a downer. But let’s not buy into the traditional cliché of the Great Malefic. Let’s think of it as most often somber, perhaps a “policeman” of sorts, symbolically. (Policemen are often feared but they also, when functioning appropriately serve an indispensable and beneficial purpose.)

Uranus represents excitement, individuality, innovation, maximum individuation and freedom, unconventional intensity, rebellion, eccentricity. Uranus in transit often brings change - suddenly, sharply, even shockingly or unexpectedly, as well as an explosion of individual expression of needs. Uranus is like an old Monty Python segue: “Now for something completely different!” (…with a big splash.) Uranus can bring recklessness or out of control disorder, but it can also bring innovation, progressive brilliance or liberating self discovery.

So, Saturn is Lawrence Welk…Uranus is Jimi Hendrix, circa 1967. (I show my age here; some of you will understand this analogy to a tee!) OK, I’ll try another: Saturn is Norman Rockwell…Uranus is Salvadore Dali.

Saturn and Uranus are squaring off, and when this occurs we can expect to see a break from the old and traditional to something new and quite different. This may include a long slow struggle of conflict with someone culminating in a major break from the status quo. It will often (but, please, not necessarily) coincide with a break up of some kind of relationship(s) – this could be a significant other, a location of residence, a boss, a friend, a job, etc. Major change, probably accompanied by stress and conflict, is almost a given. (But take heart; these changes must be and, even if it is difficult, it is most likely vital to your personal growth.) With the Sun in your natal horoscope “receiving” this phenomenon, the change will likely be significant to the very core of your persona, the energy within that drives you. At best, this will be quite liberating and beneficially dynamic. With the Aries Point the scene of this symbolism, this is likely to happen with a high level of visibility. The changes will be seen and known by all. Even if the changes are more subtle, philosophical or psychological, people will see, know, feel a significant change in you, your personality, status or outlook and who you really are.

Many variables will affect the manifestation of this transit, and let me point out that the timing of any related developments isn’t restricted to mid-July through early August. Big changes in your life could easily occur in this span of time, but gradualism to some degree is the norm for high impact development, which this transit promises for most of you. And make no mistake, details of probable manifestation and timing triggers can only be assembled and understood on a completely individual basis based upon the uniqueness of each person and the synthesis of each horoscope. I hope that for those of you born on the days or the days immediately adjacent to those listed above, this overview will be useful and supportive to your own personal experience.

Kind regards and well wishes to all of you!

Michael Symms

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