Friday, June 25, 2010

The Wishing Well Spread- Inner Child Cards

The LWB for the Inner Child Cards features a spread called the Wishing Well. It is a simple one card spread. You shuffle the cards and then spread them in a circle. From that circle of cards, you pull one card while thinking about your question (this works well if you use a large surface, like the floor). The card pulled holds your answer.

I performed this one card spread for someone who asked:

Yesterday an appraiser came to see an old religious painting that i am trying to sell, and he told me, that he has to counsult with another expert before he give us his opinion! he told us that he wold gives us his final opinion next monday, so i would like to know, what type of nes he could give me!

The card I pulled was The of Crystals (Pents).
This card was pulled in its upright position. My response to this person was:Hi,I asked the question about the NES (is this some type of document describing the condition of the artwork, because that's how I asked about it in that term).I did the Inner Child Spread of the Wishing Well, which is a one card spread. I pulled from the outter circle of cards the Ten of Crystals:"Christmas Day carries the potential for great joy and expectations. Dreams may come true, and the rekindling of family ties and friendly sharings brings warmth and love into the home."
This is commonly a card of wealth, riches, abundance, prosperity. In Golden Dawn/Thoth meaning the number 10 of the card can be significant. Maybe in ten weeks or ten months you will sell this piece or the NES figure may have a multiple of 10 in it.Intuitively, I get that you may value this piece so much that you may not sell it but pass it down through series of generations. Or its a piece that has been in your family forever. Either way, it brings you much riches.It seems as though in appraising this piece you had to/or will be communicate some significant information about it in order to get the value you want.
The person replied to my inquiry:
thanks for the reading!! well its not my painting, its a client's painting, and you are right has been in the family for sometime, and i know that its from a well known mexican painter, and we need the NES to find out its value on the market, so we can try to sell it!! thanks for the great rrading, it was very acurate and hopefull
Later on they shared this with me....
i want to tell you that i just recieved some promising news today, the appraiser liked the painting and consider it as an original art piece! and it, but he wants to get a 2nd opinion
In doing this read, I used the Lerners' interpretation found in their LWB. But I also used the Golden Dawn interpretation of the card. Not to mention, since I do intuitive readings, the picture of the gnomes enjoying a nice evening at home was my intuitive hunch that the artwork was in the family for a long time, probably even passed down from generations because the 10 of coins card represents the passing on of tradition. In the Golden Dawn 10 of coins also represents communication. Can't wait to hear about any other news.

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