Friday, June 25, 2010

Archeon Tarot Channeling Exchanges

Dear Remi, I would love this. There is something I amm interested in, but I don't know if it is too broad.
I seem to have inherited an inner conflict/ false afirmation that spiritual idealism and practical money earning can not walk hand oin hand. The pattern of this especially strongly on my mother's side.
My question is : is there some one or an event in my clan line that needs to be redeemed so that this can be layed to rest?

The first intuitive voice I got about this subject matter that if the issue with money comes from your mother's side its due to a male influence. Maybe her Father, or grandfather, or someone down the line. I think they have issues with money and spiritualism because they either saw firsthand how those with power (greed) used spirituality to cheat them and others around them. This male figure was really a sweet man who was like either a baker or someone who worked skillfully with their hands (craftsman) and his main concern was providing for the family that he really loved. He was highly spiritual himself but the person who he holds contempt for may have not owned their spirituality in the same regard as this male figure in your mother's line. The more I dig.. the more I feel as though this person was your mother's Father or Grandfather... not further than that.

Lets see what the cards have to say...

Yes, there indeed was an issue with money that caused dissapointment where there is a lot of apathy. (Four of Cups)

The Sun (reversed)
The Moon (reversed)
Hearald of Swords (reversed)
The Magician (reversed)
2 of swords (reversed)
5 of pentacles

So the cards tell me that there was trickery involved, even a loss of namesake for this male figure in your mother's lineage in dealing with someone who was either 1) Powerful or 2) Head of a religious/spiritual institution. This person the male figure knew pretty well actually so not only was there deception on one level of how this person presented themself to the world around them, but that there was a friendship lost or a mentor lost. Through time, victory is gained.

I asked if it was your grandfather or great grandfather, and I got Knight of Swords- I am taking this to have been your grandfather.

I asked to know more about this Magician character. I got:
High Priestess (Rx)
Ace of Swords
Two of Pents (rx)

So this person your grandfather probably had issues with is someone that may actually have been female or someone who many would go to for clarity and to keep one's secrets. Maybe a high priestess sort, pope, bishop, psychic... but I think this person may have had some problems in finance... because of the two of pents (rx)

I think your grandfather wants to say that you and any of his offsprings should have a balance between mind and spirit... to not use one's funds wastefully in the sense that greed, dependency, or a sense of entitlement should take over how you handle and do things with money.

I hope this resonates...

The person with this inquiry wanted their feedback confidential, but I think its safe to share the following:
1) The person was the querent's great-grandfather (their mother's grandfather)
2) He did grow up in a home where his father was a baker, but the person this reading is about eventually took on producing a finely crafted product that was immensely popular and well known.
3) He was a type of social philanthropist.
4) Where I went wrong was to characterize the Magician as a female. This person wasn't a female, but was considered prominent. The High Priestess represented a person with a higher order of knowledge and authority and was someone the grandfather confided in.
6) Yes, the Magician underminded the grandfather and those close to the grandfather in many ways.

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