Sunday, December 2, 2012

My Return
It has been a while since I've been back on my personal divination blog site. The past two years I have found myself creating many blogs on other websites like Tarot Town and The Tarot guild. I loved blogging at these two sites as it was a joy to feel the energy of other tarot enthusiasts. I had eventually asked myself, "What about your site?" And what about my site? Yes, I did in a sense neglect it. Also, I became more involved in other aspects of my life (I'm multi-dimensional and Tarot is not the only thing I cherish). So The Tarot Tributary was then put on the back burner and I do apologize to those who may follow and find it one day to be a desert island of ideas and thoughts.

With That Being Said... I have decided to come back with a tarot card reflection, of course from my favorite deck the Inner Child Cards. I've been dealing with a back injury and today I wanted to know what should I expect or needed to know about my health. The card pulled was Two of Crystals (same as 2 of pentacles). When I see the 2 of pentacles I often immediately think of balance. Being in discomfort, I am puzzled by how balance is being achieved right now. Is pulling this card is in part of a suggestion, or is this card telling me something about the situation?

With the Inner Child Cards the creator's meaning of the card can be found on their website:

One day my eye was drawn to the empty swing in the background and had found that to be a peak tarot learning experience. Then recently when reading this card for someone else, I noticed that it seems as though the horizon was the secret element of this card... in the horizon some type of change in the relationship was coming, this ended up being very true. However, for my reading, what does this say for me?

This time I was drawn to the grassy plains in the forefront. We have greenish/yellow, green, and dark green hues. In life we often look towards the lushest of possibilities and that is the growth of trees that take us towards the horizon almost to the future. But I notice the seesaw (maybe the seesaw of life) keeps us in the mid-to-foreground of the card. Maybe the mid-ground is the request of the universe asking us to be consciously in between the here and now (green grass) and the past (greenish-yellow). This card does not demand us to be in the future like the Chariot card or the 7 of pentacles. The base of the seesaw is the crystal while what opposes it is the owl.

This card echoes that, just like in the language of physics (law of the lever proven by Archimedes), our physical and material world is acted upon by many forces. Our fulcrum (fixed point) is the crystal, our effort is the male gnome and our resistance is the female gnome (this can also be in reversed). The owl (wisdom) is what oversees our seesaw; the owl does not need to be in the equation to have this seesaw in movement.  However, it is ideal to have wisdom involved in our sometimes mindless actions. What is needed in this changeable system is effort, resistance, and a fixed point. In the two of crystals we are dealing with the multiple forces that act upon our material world (health, wealth, money, physical objects and possessions) that often time seem out of control or we are trying hard to balance.

For each effort we make it is always met with resistance, which gives us the adage of trying to stay afloat. Growth teaches us the wisdom needed in life by always being astute enough to delicately match the weight of resistance with effort. Without being able to do this, the seesaw never stays in balance.

In Thoth, the emphasis seems to be less on the balance but more so of the duality this card brings in order to provide completion to a cycle- the flux of change. The book of Thoth states that:

"The number Two, Chokmah, here rules in the suite pertaining to Earth. It shows the type of Energy appropriate to Two, in this most fixed form. According to the doctrine that Change is the support of stability, the card is called Change."

Thoth reminds us that Jupiter and Capricorn are not the most harmonious astrological rulers, together. Jupiter is associated with good fortune and expansion but Capricorn often restricts anything in its path, so good fortune is found to be limited in this card.  In a more positive light, this viewpoint can be seen as good fortune through expansion and change is being controlled, or revolves around, something more fixed and stable as its center.

Summary All in all, I think it is telling me that this negative back experience is there to try to rebalance all previous negative experiences- an act of rebalancing. In the Thoth deck the two disks are encircled by two snakes biting their tail (ouroboros) which is often equated to Kundalini energy. The base of the spine is often remarked in Kundalini theology and right now, that is where half of my back injury is. The spine is also a model of the lever. Maybe spiritually my serpent power is being awakened as represented by this card as quoted in Wikipedia: "The kundalini can also awaken spontaneously, for no obvious reason or triggered by intense personal experiences such as accidents, near death experiences, childbirth, emotional trauma, extreme mental stress, and so on. Some sources attribute spontaneous awakenings to the "grace of God", or possibly to spiritual practice in past lives" Practical interpretations of this cards seem to say, be more careful.. try to balance a more solid approach in taking care of one's spine/back before the lever snaps. I don't know.. but one thing I do know is that I wish to have my back come alive and in no discomfort. What would be your take on this?

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