Saturday, August 8, 2009

The Six Card Tell Me Spread...

Here is a new spread for those who are forever looking for ease during a read. This is my favorite spread because I am the one who created it! You can find my spread in Aeclectic Tarot under "The 6 Card Tell Me Spread" by Golden Angel (That's me!).

I use this spread to start out all of my readings, especially those that are not personal reads. This spread is perfect for those with limited reading space (like myself) and for those who want to get to the heart-of-the-matter during a reading:
The Layout:




The first layout works as well as the second as the meanings are the same, but for those who have spatial preference during a card read, the second layout emphasises the meaning behind cards 5 and 6.
The Cards and What They Signify

Card 1) Can represent the recent past. I prefer to read this card as past events that have led to the current situation or to the querent's query.

Card 2) This card is usually a mirror that reflects back the question of the querent. Usually represents the querent's dilemma or echoes the querent's question (I use this card to allow for me to know if my cards are leading me on the right track, if the card pulled up doesn't match the question at hand, then I know my reading may be off track).

Card 3) Signifies one half of the underlying problem. Usually its a card the denotes a person but not always. It can be either a court card or major arcana card that may help signify the persons involved. It can also be a minor arcana card.

Card 4) Signifies the other half of the underlying problem. This too can be either a court, major or minor card. You read this card together with Card 3.

Card 5) The Karmic or the Lesson Card. It is the overall theme behind the read. Its the next stage to the final outcome card, but represents a karmic outcome or a lesson learned.

Card 6) Is the final outcome card, the tangible outcome the querent is most likely interested in.

I often look at Cards 4 and 5 in getting to the bottom of the situation. These two cards often reveal a lot behind the scenes. Sometimes you will want to know more about those two cards. I sometimes will ask a question pertaining to the Cards 4 and 5 and then pick 3 more cards to help explain the importance behind them.

This is my favorite spread, due to natural bias, but I also believe many out there will enjoy it too. I have a series of Tarot decks and The Six Card Tell Me Spread works on a majority of them with the exception of the Inner Child Cards. The Inner Child Cards will be the first of my deck reviews to come. But in the meantime, freshen up the reads of your existing favorite deck with The Six Card Tell Me Spread.

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